Huco Dynatork 3 Air Motors for Offshore Platform Cable/Hose Reels

April 19, 2010
Offshore Platform Cable Reels

Cable reel sets are typically leased to clients for a month at a time. The cable/hose reel sets are utilized on offshore oil and gas well platforms. The Huco air motor is used to maintain tension on the control cable as it is lowered into the well. For 80-90% of its utilization, the air motor serves as a back stop (even though it can be operated in both directions) when the reel is in the “stall or hold” position. Units will not burn out or cause overload. Dynatork air motors feature a sealed body design eliminating damage from salt and sand, which makes them ideal for use in offshore applications. Units are reliable in extreme conditions from -20 to +60˚C.

The operating principle of the Huco Dynatork air motor is simple. Via an integral rotary valve, air up to 100 psi is supplied to each of three pistons in turn. The free-floating pistons transmit torque on start-up that can be adjusted via a pressure regulator. This results in high torque at variable low speed and low noise. Because Dynatork air motors trap the compressed air within the piston/cylinder allowing for maximum energy conversion, the units are easier to seal than a vane motor cylinder. Thus, the air motors consumes up to 80% less air than vane motors, providing significant cost savings, even at maximum torque.

Dynatork 3 Air Motors