Warner Electric Magnetic Capping Headsets for Bottle Capping Lines

September 1, 2010
Capping Headsets

Warner Electric supplied a liquor company with smooth torque capping headsets for three lines that run 1 liter, 750 ml and 1.75 ml bottles. The unique gold finish color of the closures was being damaged and removed in the capping process with previous headsets which also required parts that were expensive and hard to obtain. Inconsistent application torque, and therefore removal torque, of the cap from the bottle varied significantly. This made it necessary for the customer to have an extra person checking each bottle for cap tightness.

The original pneumatic cappers were replaced with Warner Electric smooth torque magnetic headsets and fixed jaw chucks. Warner manufactured and delivered the headsets in less than half the time of any competitor which was an important factor for this project.

The units were easily installed by the customer’s maintenance staff. "If torque adjustment is required, it is fast and the results are predictable," according to the Bottling and Packaging Manager at the facility. "Jamming problems and maintenance service during shifts no longer occurs. Most importantly, the decorative gold finish coating on the caps is no longer being damaged, and bottles are no longer getting through the line without being capped."

Warner Electric is one of the most respected capping technology companies in today’s market. For more information visit www.cappingclutch.com.

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