New QT Power Chain II belt drive system

November 30, 2010
TB Wood's QT Power Chain Group

New QT Power Chain® II belt drive system is designed for high-performance in high torque drive applications

The QT Power Chain II belt drive system from TB Wood’s consists of a synchronous belt, sprockets, bushings and idlers that are all designed to work together to deliver the best value in power transmission - whether the application is low-speed or high-speed. When compared with standard roller chain, this powerful belt drive system provides important performance advantages and significantly reduces overall costs. The new sizes of belts and sprockets along with increased power ratings (up to 40% higher than its predecessor) allow QT Power Chain II drive systems to be designed in widths narrower and more compact than ever before.

The result of state-of-the-art design and engineering, the body and teeth of QT Power Chain II belts are made of a durable polyurethane compound, specially blended for uncompromising adhesion to the tensile cords and heavy nylon tooth facing. This makes the belt virtually immune to abrasion and chemical attack. QT Power Chain II belts get their muscle from Aramid fiber tensile cords and perform flawlessly under the harshest operating conditions. The cords provide exceptional flex fatigue life and high impact strength to handle shock and surge loading. These belts are tough enough to outlast standard roller chain 3-1. With no metal-to-metal contact between belt and sprocket, sprocket life increases significantly over roller chain sprockets by a ratio of 10 to 1.

QT Power Chain II sprockets are designed to carry hefty belt power loads utilizing the robust, industry-proven Taper-Lock bushing system. Taper-Lock bushings are split through the flange and gradually taper to provide a true clamp fit on the shaft that is the equivalent of a shrink fit.

The Taper-Lock bushing system keeps the sprocket hubs narrow so the length-thru-bore dimension is less than ever before. The left-justified hub design allows shaft mounting close to bearings, keeping the center of load dimension small while preventing issues with high overhung loads.

TB Wood’s QT Power Chain II belt drive systems are designed for use in a variety of industries including lumber, pulp & paper, packaging, food processing, bottling, aluminum & steel, petrochemical, sand, gravel & concrete, and glass.