Twiflex Sets Mining Industry Standard with Fail-to-Safe Disc Brake Calipers

November 30, 2010

TWICKENHAM, ENGLAND – The VKSD-Model disc brake calipers from Twiflex, Ltd., are recognized worldwide as industry leaders in providing safe control for some of the most heavy-duty mining equipment in operation today.

In conveyor applications, the spring-applied, hydraulically-released VKSD caliper brakes are used for emergency stops, for normal stopping and parking, at junctions where one conveyor feeds material to another – at risk of over-spill – or wherever there is risk of personal injury, particularly in underground mining.

While VKSD brakes may be fitted to the tail drum, driving drum or motor shaft, Twiflex recommends that on long overland conveyors, the VKSD should be fitted to the upstream end to prevent a catapult effect due to the reversal of belt tension.

These brakes have also gained wide respect and acceptance with international mining authorities for winder and haulage applications, according to the company. Twiflex has developed the world’s most powerful disc brakes for safe control of the world’s largest winders.

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