TB Woods DuraFlex Couplings Withstand Harsh Conditions in Wastewater Facilities

December 23, 2010
DuraFlex Coupling for Waste Water

Prolonged exposure to moisture, combined with seasonal temperature changes, can cause premature coupling failure in waste water treatment facilities. Couplings play a critical role in waste water processing power transmission applications. The right coupling can prolong equipment life by minimizing vibration, accommodating misalignment and reducing maintenance costs. Coupling failures will result in unacceptable levels of maintenance and downtime.

Utilizing polyurethane material that is specially formulated to provide superior weathering, chemical resistance, and dynamic properties, TB Wood’s DuraFlex couplings are an ideal solution for waste water treatment applications. Plant operators find the lightweight couplings are easy to install, with no need to remove hubs during element replacement due to the convenient two-piece, split element design. The Dura-Flex coupling requires no maintenance or lubrication. DuraFlex couplings provide long service life while handling the harsh environment and constant 24/7/365 operation associated with tough, outdoor waste water installations.