Warner Electric Modified PK Electrically-Released Brakes For Forklift Trucks

April 17, 2011
Forklift Truck

Warner Electric created a new design of the PK-35 brake for one of the largest producers of lift trucks in the world. The modifications to the dual-function, parking and emergency brake allowed the unit to fit a confined space and provide dynamic control on in-line drive units/traction motors for increased maneuverability and operational improvements on their Next Generation 3,000-4,000 lb. capacity, three-wheel truck series.

The new brake enhancements included: a special hand release lever, lower profile design, and a dual voltage coil. The brake is enclosed to prevent ingress from environmental contaminants. These options existed on other forklift brakes, but were usually a significant added cost. The redesign work created a solution which allowed these features to be integrated while remaining cost-competitive with older brake versions.

Extensive prototype life-cycle testing was conducted at select field locations which simulated a fully loaded truck traveling at various speeds to confirm that the brake met required holding torques.

According to customer’s Product Design Engineer: “Warner’s design expertise and rapid response to resolving issues were important in this application, we had a successful working relationship with Warner for years and they understand our needs. Their response is always quick. Warner had knowledge of where we were starting and where we wanted to go.”

Modified PK Electrically Released Brake