Wichita Clutch Dual Actuator AquaMaKKs Brake for Drilling Rig Drawworks

December 8, 2011
Drilling Rig Drawworks Topdrive
A major drawworks manufacturer asked Wichita to provide a simplified, cost-effective dual-function braking solution for use on land-based drilling rigs. In response, Wichita supplied an AquaMaKKs™ water-cooled brake featuring a dual-action assembly that provides both spring-set failsafe parking and precision tension braking capability in one unitized assembly.

The application required a primary static parking brake with a torque rating sufficient to hold 750,000 lbs. on 12 lines. For the dynamic tensioning mode, Wichita’s patented balanced flow water jackets can absorb up to 3,400 HP, allowing faster operation when compared to competitive units.

Wichita’s unique, non-metallic composite water jackets are impervious to severe corrosion which can be caused by poor water quality found in some oil field brake cooling systems. The composite jackets also provide a significant weight reduction compared to competitive units while allowing easier handling and transportation. The AquaMaKKs units utilize copper wear plates for greater heat absorption and require only one type of friction material for reduced spare part inventory. The AquaMaKKs dual-actuator assembly is designed to allow fast and easy retrofit onto existing single actuator brakes with minimal downtime.

Dual Actuator AquaMakks