Warner Linear K2x Linear Actuators For Loading Dock Truck Restraint System

February 15, 2012
Truck Loading Dock

Warner Linear K2x actuators were selected to replace competitive actuators for use on a loading dock truck restraint system. When a semi-trailer is backed into position at a loading dock door, a recessed locking hook is electrically activated to extend and raise up to engage and lock onto the rear impact guard of the truck. The locking device holds the truck in position to allow safe, level “drive-in” forklift access to the trailer.

The Warner Linear actuators are a heavier-duty solution when compared to the competitive models originally supplied. The robust, heavy wall extension tube design and enhanced load capacity of the Warner Linear units were critical in this rugged-duty application in order to provide superior performance and long life. K2x models incorporate a patented in-line load transfer design which provides high load capability, efficient power use, compact package size, excellent corrosion protection, and high performance lubrication for life, all at an affordable price.

The K2x is rated for a 2,200 lb. load capacity; however, Warner Linear has designed a 30:1 gear ratio that allows the unit to reach a 2,800 lb. load capacity. The nearest competitive model offers a 1,500 lb. load capacity. The K2x also features a patented ball bearing design in the rear clevis (versus thrust bearings used on competitive units), which also contributes to the higher load capacity.

Warner Linear K2x Linear Actuator