Warner Linear K2x Linear Actuator For Residential Wind Turbines

March 28, 2012
Residential Wind Turbines

A leading manufacturer of small to medium sized wind turbines required reliable linear actuators for use with their blade pitch adjustment technology. Designed for residential and small business markets, these wind turbines have rated power outputs between 6kW and 15kW. Normally reserved for large wind turbines, the exclusive blade pitch technology automatically controls blades to optimize performance under different operating conditions. This feature can also function as a brake by feathering the blades out of the wind. The ability to adjust blade pitch improves efficiency compared to competitive fixed-blade turbines.

Robust Warner Linear K2x actuators were selected to meet this unique application challenge while providing years of trouble-free service. Engineered for rugged duty, the K2x has demonstrated superior performance over competitive models in life cycle tests due, in large part, to design characteristics, quality manufacturing methods and higher quality materials including the wrap spring brake assembly, needle bearing thrust washers, synthetic lubricant, shaft ball bearings and end seals. The K2x features an efficient in-line DC motor ball screw rated for a 2,800 lbs. load capacity.

Warner Linear K2x Linear Actuator