Warner Linear M-Track Linear Actuator For Agricultural Aircraft Landing Light

November 26, 2012
Aircraft Landing Light

Air Tractor produces the world’s most extensive line of agricultural spray aircraft used for spraying, seeding, fertilizing and fire fighting. For over twenty years, Air Tractor has specified Warner Linear actuators to remotely position landing lights. The light assembly is flush mounted under the aircraft’s wing. When activated, the actuator lowers the light down for optimum illumination. Some operators spray at night, when honey bees have been removed from the fields. This allows for advanced spraying technologies to coexist with pollination by the hard-working bees. In these cases, the landing light doubles as a night working light.

Besides typical aircraft space and weight design restrictions, the actuators had to meet other significant application challenges including dust, moisture and corrosive chemicals encountered in the everyday work environment.

To meet these challenges, Warner Linear supplies M-Track actuators which are completely self-contained and sealed to allow for use in small spaces without sacrificing power or capability. An aluminum zinc alloy housing helps the units provide consistent, repeatable performance for applications with operating conditions including temperature extremes, high humidity and significant dust levels. Models feature an ACME screw drive rated for a 100 lbs. load capacity, a 6 in. stroke length, dual-quad ring bearing and a standard limit switch.

“Over the years, the Warner Linear actuators have been a trouble-free part and, along with the price and delivery, these units are hard to beat,” explained Air Tractor purchasing manager, John Beer. “Another plus is Warner’s superior on-site sales and service which has been consistent throughout our long supplier/customer relationship.”

Linear M Track Actuator