Boston Gear Stainless Steel 700 Series Speed Reducer For Poly-Bagged Food Incline Conveyor

January 2, 2013
Poly-Bagged Conveyor

A major food processor needed a conveyor to lift poly-bagged fresh lettuce products from a floor-mounted form/fill/seal machine discharge conveyor to a raised carton filling machine feed conveyor.

To meet the customer’s application requirements, Coastal Manufacturing designed and built a stainless steel incline conveyor which incorporated a Boston Gear Stainless Steel 700 Series speed reducer mounted to a stainless steel motor. “Our equipment is typically used in sanitary environments which often require routine washdowns,” said Coastal’s Mark Hoffseth. “We install Boston Gear 700 Series stainless steel reducers on all of our drivetrains to ensure reliable performance, eliminate paint flaking problems and prevent microbial contamination and bacterial growth.”

The internal worm is specially-ground for enhanced efficiency and lower heat generation leading to prolonged product life. Use of a synthetic food-grade lubricant combined with a unique internal cavity design that circulates the oil to critical components also contribute to low operating temperatures. Quality materials and proper heat treating of the 700 Series components provide strength and durability in this high output torque application. A unique rounded housing design and covered hardware prevent foreign matter adherence and fluid accumulation on or under the units.

Stainless Steel 700 Series Speed Reducer