Warner Linear K2x Linear Actuator For Emergency Vehicle Oxygen Tank Lift

February 11, 2013
Oxygen Tank Lift

A leading manufacturer of fire and safety equipment required an extremely reliable electric actuator for use in their oxygen tank lift systems. The lifts are utilized on emergency vehicles, including ambulances, to safely raise and lower oxygen tanks which can weigh over 80lbs. when full.

The tank lift system is powered by a rugged-duty Warner Linear K2x actuator featuring a heavy wall extension tube with a 30% stronger cross section compared to competitive products. Units feature ball bearings instead of thrust bearings to provide more load capacity. A Nitrotec® treated steel extension rod provides 40% stronger cross section compared to competitive units. A high-strength aluminum gearbox provides maximum heat dissipation and high-strength stainless thru-bolt fasteners provide high-load capability.

Other K2x features include patented in-line load transfer, Nitrotec® treated end fitting with integral O-ring seals for superior weather and corrosion resistance, a standard bidirectional holding brake, and a heavy-duty sealed, double ball bearing motor. Important for this application, K2x models meet the UL-1500 Standard for Ignition Protection.

Warner Linear K2x Linear Actuator