Boston Gear Model 732 Stainless Speed Reducer For Leaf Product Elevator

March 25, 2013
Product Leaf Elevator

Coastal Manufacturing, a leading OEM of engineered systems for food processing, beverage  and pharmaceutical applications, required a speed reducer solution for a large leaf product elevator. Lettuce product is fed into a hopper at the bottom of the unit, then lifted and  distributed to upper level scale feed shaker conveyors which transfer the measured product to a vertical bagging machine. The customers’ sanitary food processing operation could not tolerate paint chipping and flaking often associated with coated reducers used in harsh washdown environments.

A Boston Gear Model 732 stainless steel speed reducer was selected to provide the corrosion resistance required in this challenging caustic washdown environment. The reducer, with a 40:1 reduction ratio and a hollow output shaft, was mounted to a 2 HP stainless steel motor that drives a 23 ft. tall, 44” wide cleated elevator conveyor belt.

Stainless Steel 700 Series speed reducers feature an innovative rounded housing and covered hardware designed to prevent foreign matter adherence and fluid accumulation on or under the units. All models incorporate the trusted Boston Gear 700 Series worm gearing and have been optimized to withstand the tough operating conditions. Quality materials and proper heat treating of the 700 Series components provide strength and durability in this high output torque application.

The internal worm is specially-ground for enhanced efficiency and lower heat generation leading to prolonged product life. Synthetic food-grade lubricant maintains composition in this high-load operation.

Model ss732 reducer