Altra Industrial Motion drives new innovation at the Hannover Messe 2013 – Hall 25 Stand C03

April 15, 2013
Hannover 2013 Booth

Altra Industrial Motion, a leading global supplier of power transmission solutions, used the Hannover Messe 2013 as a launch pad for many new innovations across its product portfolio. The company is responsible for many of the world’s leading power transmission brands including Bauer Gear Motor, Stieber Clutch, Bibby Transmissions and Huco Dynatork. New products include a world first for IE4 gear motors, innovative coupling hub designs for large shaft diameters and a compact, load-sharing, releasable backstop.

Bauer Ex rated IE4 Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor

Bauer Gear Motor launched the world’s first Ex rated, IE4 Super Premium Efficiency Geared Motor. Currently Ex rated motors are exempt from EU regulations on efficiency, meaning that many industries, such as Oil and Gas and Mining, are missing out on the potential cost savings that the latest motor technology is offering. The new super premium efficiency S Series PMSM from Bauer is Ex e rated and offers up to 40% energy savings compared to an IE2 inverter-driven squirrel cage motor.

New Torsiflex compact coupling design

The range of Torsiflex disc couplings from Bibby Transmissions has been expanded to offer customers a greater selection for applications in process pump, fan blowers, compressors and general industrial markets. Two new hub designs were launched: the AHX hub, which has been developed to accommodate larger diameter shafts on process equipment where previously larger couplings would have had to have been specified, and the Torsi-Lock® hub, a cold-install hub that provides the secure torque transmission and balance repeatability of an interference fit.

The range of Torsiflex couplings is further enhanced by the additional range of composite tube disc couplings, which use the latest material technology to reduce weight and improve strength. Originally designed for use in cooling tower fans, they have been adapted to meet the requirements of many alternative applications, such a long vertical pumps and marine drives.

Stieber Clutch releasable backstop with reverse rotational capability

The new RDBK load sharing, high-speed releasable backstop from Stieber Clutch features a compact design with increased torque capacity compared to conventional designs. The compact design gives it up to 3.5 times more torque capacity than conventional designs eliminating the need to specify oversized gearboxes which some applications encounter. Unlike other releasable backstops, which have limited reverse rotational abilities, the RDBK is capable of performing as many reverse rotations as may be required to completely unload the conveyor prior to maintenance work being carried out; within the limits of energy dissipation. This feature can significantly reduce downtime and ensure that loss of productivity is kept to a minimum.