Bauer Gear Motor AsepticDrive™ Motors for Bakery Tray Cleaning Machine

April 29, 2013
Bakery Tray Cleaning Machine

Precisma, a major European manufacturer of high quality equipment used in commercial bakery operations, recently optimized their most popular baking tray cleaning machine. The machine incorporates two sets of innovative rotating belt brushes that remove flour, sesame and poppy seed residues as well as dough remnants from contoured baking trays.

The newly improved machine design features all stainless steel construction to ensure compliance with the very high hygiene standards in bakery facilities.

Bauer 1.5 kW aseptic motors were selected to drive the machine’s powerful rotating brush bands due to the motor’s reliability and special paint coating that causes water to drip off the surface (“lotus effect“). This yields superior hygiene properties, better than stainless steel, which is hydrophilic. The aseptic coating is acid and alkali resistant to stand up to the harsh cleaning agents utilized in regularly scheduled machine washdowns. The Bauer aseptic paint is FDA and NSF listed.

The Bauer aseptic motors also feature a unique housing design which eliminates the motor cooling ribs and fan areas where dirt and debris gather, are almost impossible to reach, and where washdown solutions cannot drain off. The unit’s smooth surfaces (roughness value R ≤ 0.8 μm), all slope at least 3° to ensure fast and complete cleaning.

Aseptic Drive Motor