Bauer Gear Motor BG Series Gear Motors For Annealing Furnace Conveyors

April 22, 2013
Annealing Furnace Conveyors

Georgsmarienhütte GmbH (GMH), a leading European steel supplier with over 1,400 employees, recently installed a new annealing furnace at their mill located just outside of Osanbrück, Germany. GMH had originally envisioned using servo geared motors to drive the new furnace’s upstream and downstream conveyor systems. Dirk Faber, Bauer sales representative, immediately pointed out the considerably higher costs of the servo solution to GMH. Since each servo motor requires its own frequency inverter the notably lower-priced group drives are not applicable. He also assured GMH that Bauer could guarantee the necessary speed control range of 1:500 with asynchronous motors.

Prämab, the engineering firm that was awarded the conveyor systems contract, called their Bauer sales representative, Bernd Petrasch for technical assistance. In the course of several project meetings, Prämab mentioned that the annealing furnace contact was awarded to Mioba, a central German industrial furnace manufacturer.

Mioba had already started to plan and design the system using competitive motor drives. Together with Miroslav Slawik (global account manager at Basic Metal), Petrasch designed a new more cost-effective layout using Bauer BG Series gear motors. It turned out that, instead of the 2.2 kW power maintained by the competition, in fact, only 30 watts was necessary, which provided additional cost reductions. Another advantage was the BG Series’ ability to perform in an ambient temperature of 80°C.

In the end, Mioba, who had now become a Bauer customer, decided on the design change utilizing the Bauer gear motors. In October 2012, the furnace was put into operation and runs to the satisfaction of all.

Bauer BG Series Gear Motor