TB Wood's QT Power Chain II Belt Drive System For HVAC Exhaust Fan

April 8, 2013
HVAC Exhaust Fan

A private college needed to replace an inefficient adjustable speed drive, which incorporated three classical v-belts, on an HVAC exhaust fan in their natural sciences building. As one of the initiatives within their Resource and Environmental Management Program, the college is constantly looking for ways to improve energy efficiencies and reduce costs.

A single TB Wood’s variable speed QT Power Chain®  II synchronous belt drive system was installed on the 20 HP fan motor. The positive engagement synchronous drive provides many advantages over the old v-belt system including no tension adjustment required which saves wear on belts and sheaves and no belt creep or slippage which combine to improve overall efficiency while reducing maintenance and downtime.

The QT Power Chain II belt drive system consists of a heavy-duty synchronous belt, Taper-Lock sprockets and bushings and idlers that are designed to work together for maximum value in high torque drive applications.

After several months of operation, the new TB Wood’s drive system achieved a 3-4% increase in efficiency which provided positive energy savings. Based on these results, the college is planning to upgrade v-belt HVAC fan drives in other buildings around campus.

TB Woods QT PowerChain