Bauer Special Serial Demand service offers OEMs totally bespoke gear motor solutions

April 19, 2013
Bauer Bespoke Gear Motor

For OEMs and design engineers one of the hardest decisions when specifying parts for a new machine is making the choice between bespoke or standard components. Bespoke solutions will require many extra hours of design, and additional manufacturing concerns, while standard components will always involve some degree of compromise. Fortunately, in the case of geared motors, there is now an answer to the dilemma from Bauer Gear Motors.

Bauer Gear Motors, part of Altra Industrial Motion, has been manufacturing geared motors for industry for over 80 years. Its products are well known around the world for their reliability and efficiency; most recently developing an IE4 permanent magnetic motor which is 87.7% efficient. Where a customer has very specific requirements it offers a Special Serial Demand service to build totally customized gear motors.

Bauer Bespoke Custom Gear Motor

Heinz Fuchslocher, Sales Director for Special Serial Demand motors, comments: “We have a broad range of standard products which has been developed over many years of experience within the gear motor industry. However we are aware that there are times when a customer has a very specific set of requirements. This is where our Special Serial Demand service comes in; customers can use our design and manufacturing expertise to create their ideal product.”

All of Bauer’s sales engineers have a background in design engineering which allows them to work closely with the customer to ascertain the exact requirements of any given application. They are then able to design a solution, saving the customer many hours of their time, and also offer a high quality manufacturing solution; meaning the OEM can focus on the bigger picture.

Heinz continues: “The service is primarily set up for OEMs, who will require a unique design in high numbers, but it is available to anyone who needs a solution which our standard range of products can’t provide.”

Special Serial Demand products are designed completely from the ground up, meaning that they often look nothing like Bauer’s standard product range. They are available in almost any shape and size and can be made to suit most operating environments. Gearbox type and gearing can be specified by the customer dependent on their needs and any type of motor system can be used including synchronous and asynchronous.

The motors have been specified for many applications in many industries including a knitting machine which required a specialized box with minimal breakaway torque and small torque hysteresis; a packaging machine which used a single step helical gearbox for an extremely thin, compact design; and an automotive welding machine with a special gearbox housing and output shaft.

For more information on how Bauer’s sales engineers can help create a totally bespoke solution for you application contact [email protected]