Warner Linear K2 Linear Actuator For Vehicle-Mounted Arrow Boards

June 21, 2013
Vehicle Mounted Arrow Boards

The leading manufacturer of highway safety and traffic control products required reliable linear actuators for use with their vehicle mounted arrow boards. The actuator allows emergency repair crews to remotely rotate the lighted arrow board, which is typically mounted high above the vehicle cab for maximum visibility in work zones. This power-tilt feature provides enhanced crew safety in heavy traffic conditions. Depending on the board model selected, the actuator can rotate the board 90 degrees from a horizontal (transport) position to a vertical orientation, or a full 180 degrees from front facing to rear facing.

Warner Linear K2 actuators were selected to power the arrow boards which can be as large as 48” x 96”. Engineered for rugged duty, the K2 has demonstrated superior performance over competitive models in life cycle tests due, in large part, to design characteristics, quality manufacturing methods and higher quality materials including the wrap spring brake assembly, needle bearing thrust washers, synthetic lubricant, shaft ball bearings and end seals. The K2 features an efficient in-line DC motor ball screw rated for a 2,800 lbs. load capacity.

Warner Linear K2x Linear Actuator