Warner Linear Programmable S-Track Electric Actuator for Packaging Lines

July 8, 2013
packaging lines

A large packaged food manufacturer wanted reliable linear actuators that could quickly reset conveyor system diverter arm positions based on frequent carton size changes. Previous actuators required lengthy set up times to reset diverter arm opening widths and stops, which negatively impacted productivity.

Warner Linear Programmable S-Track actuators were chosen to meet the requirements of this fast-paced, high-changeover production application. S-Track models feature an easy-to-use, integrated keypad which allows operators to set and reset end of travel positions as well as two intermediate stops. Feedback range automatically adjusts to new end position settings.

Enhanced control allows for 12 or 24 VDC switched power operation of the S-Track actuator by turning power off to the motor automatically when the internal end limits are reached. An integral MP150 Metri-Pack 8-pin molded connector allows several standard input and output features to monitor the operation of the actuator (including motor thermal and current overload protection).

S-Track actuators feature a <56dB noise level, 700-lb. max. dynamic and static load rating, 0.25″ /sec. (1″  no load) speed rating, and a 16″  max. stroke length with end-of-stroke limits. Models are available with aluminum or engineered plastic housings.

An array of actuator controls is also available from simple-to-use switch box controls for basic extend/retract function to state-of-the-art microprocessor-based digital electronic controls using SMT design and manufacturing processes.

Programmable S Track Actuator