Better Performance from a Lightweight Flexible Coupling

September 3, 2013
Huco Lightweight Flex Coupling

High torsional stiffness and good radial flexibility are the proven benefits of the Huco Dynatork aluminium Step-Beam ™ coupling but the latest generation of this design has been able to factor in even more benefits. The re-design of this popular product provides from 18% – 35% higher torque depending on the size, superior radial and axial compensation than its forerunner, zero backlash and superior angular offset to 4◦.

The unique stepped radial slot configuration of the one-piece Huco Step-Beam coupling derives its high torsional stiffness from the straight beam design and its lateral flexibility from its helical counterpart. It has a big cross section that is in-shear and this provides a level of performance that is bordering on that of a bellows or membrane coupling.

The low inertia and high accuracy of the Step-Beam continue to make it ideal for driving encoders. It is also remains a popular choice for applications that require electrical isolation and corrosion resistance.

Manufacturing economies have also resulted in this latest design being introduced at a highly competitive price. This new aluminium Step Beam therefore represents exceptional value for money and is available with standard bores up to 14mm and with clamp fixing or set screw.