Warner Linear K2 Linear Actuators for Grain Truck Chute Opener

October 7, 2013
Grain Truck Chute Opener

Robust electric actuators were needed by a manufacturer of remote-controlled chute openers installed on grain hauling trucks. While unloading seed, drivers typically must hurry from grain bins or air seeder tanks to get to the back of their trucks in order to manually adjust flow at the grain chute. This process can be dangerous, especially at night when injuries are more likely to occur.

The remotely-activated chute opener, powered by a single electric actuator, allows drivers to be positioned near or on grain bins or air seeders while remotely adjusting grain flow of the truck chute.

Durable Warner Linear K2 actuators were selected for this challenging application. Engineered for rugged duty, the K2 has demonstrated superior performance over competitive models in life cycle tests. K2 advantages include advanced design characteristics, quality manufacturing methods and higher quality materials.

The K2 models supplied feature an efficient in-line DC motor Acme screw rated for a 1,500 lbs. (680kg) load capacity, a solid bronze nut, 20:1 gear ratio, fixed limit switch and a 12” (300mm) stroke length.

Other features include heavy-duty, double-ended ball bearing motors, ball-detent overload clutches, hardened gears, O-ring seals and an extension rod bearing system that provides best in class capabilities.

Warner Linear K2x Linear Actuator