Industrial mixers require reliable couplings

November 4, 2013
Industrial Mixer

As the global market leader in the manufacture of standard and custom fluid agitation equipment, Chemineer has some 60 years experience in the design and manufacture of rotating mixers. The company is continually striving to improve reliability and performance which is why it has chosen to specify Sure-Flex® couplings from TB Wood’s, part of the Altra Industrial Motion Group, for its most recent mixers.

Recognised for producing reliable, heavy duty mixing equipment, Chemineer has a reputation for designing dependable solutions using the latest technology while ensuring ease of installation and maintenance. This has led to the decision to incorporate the Sure-Flex® coupling into the product range, which is used across a number of industries including petrochemical, pharmaceutical and waste water treatment.

Such industries operate equipment that needs to be maintained to a high standard therefore keeping maintenance costs to a minimum is a priority. To assist in improved reliability and to help in reducing down time, TB Wood’s has developed a range of couplings designed to operate in variable speed and variable torque applications; one of which has been selected by Chemineer as part of its product offering.

Ian Fisher, Purchasing Manager at Chemineer, comments: “The design of the Sure-Flex® coupling provides our customers with a reliable, maintenance-free coupling which is easy to install, thanks to the innovative design. It also offers excellent shock loading capability as well as a 4-way flexing action, which can accommodate all types of vibration, misalignment and end-float.”

SureFlex Coupling for Mixer

TB Wood’s has designed the coupling in such a way so as to ensure optimum performance across a wide range of applications. To specify a coupling, the first step is to select the sleeve material and type from EPDM, Neoprene, Hytrel and Urethane, each with its own unique properties, and decide if the sleeve needs to be split or unsplit. Combine this with the dimensional and load information from the equipment being installed and the final determination can be made.

Ian continues: “The finished product delivers a lubrication-free design, which delivers quiet, reliable performance, without the need for bolts, gaskets, seals or covers. Such design characteristics deliver a drive solution which meets the requirements of our clients.”

With a maximum torque load of 8.2 kNm, the Sure-Flex® coupling can be used as a reliable, highly flexible solution for pumps, fans, compressors, conveyors as well as mixers. For applications which demand easy maintenance and the ability to accept both parallel and angular misalignment without wear, there is an extensive range of sizes and materials, with a choice of shaft fixings.

Available in a wide range of standard bore sizes, the flanges can be ordered with a parallel bore with a keyway or with a tapered bore to accommodate taper bushings which provide a clamp fit making installation easy and secure. In addition, spacers can also be specified to ensure the optimum fit is obtained where a greater distance is required between the driveshafts.

Typically, Chemineer supply agitators and stirrers into a wide range of applications where variable speed controllers are used to change the characteristics of the substrate. It is important for the coupling between the motor and the gearbox to be able to transmit the power efficiently and reliably but also to be able to withstand shock loads as well as misalignment.

In many cases, it may be necessary to clean or repair an impeller or to carry out maintenance on the associated gearbox, which will require the motor or impeller to be disconnected. This could be a very protracted affair but with the benefit of a split design, the Sure-Flex® coupling can be removed quickly and easily, allowing the required maintenance to be performed with less down-time.

TB Wood’s has over 50 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing drive couplings over which time it has developed an excellent understanding of customer requirements as well as introducing the latest materials and technologies to produce more efficient and reliable products.

Further information of the Sure-Flex® coupling can be found on the Altra Industrial Motion website, or by clicking here.