BM and BG Series Bauer Geared Motors for Cold Storage Monorail Systems

December 9, 2013
Cold Storage Monorail Systems

AFT (Automatisierungs- und Fördertechnik GmbH & Co. KG), located in Schopfheim, Germany, designs and builds intelligent transport and conveyor systems for a wide variety of industries.

AFT provided monorail systems featuring Bauer geared motors to a food discount house for use in its distribution centers. Various food (frozen pizza) producers deliver their goods to these centers from which they are distributed to various target markets. The centers are cold storage facilities with temperatures ranging between 0°C and +3°C; however, in the actual cold storage areas the temperature is -26°C. The application required special food compatible lubricants which have to stand up to these temperatures.

The project consisted of outfitting two different plants. The combined monorail length within these two facilities is about 4.5 Km. The systems include 98 vehicles (load carriers), 78 switches and four vertical conveyors (lifters). Refrigerated pizzas move 90 m/ min. through the facilities. Type BM and Type BG Bauer geared motors were required to move and position the conveyor vehicles, switches and lifters precisely (to the nearest millimeter).

BM Series geared motors, designed for overhead conveyor drives, feature a low-backlash coupling for high positioning accuracy and are fitted with an encoder for exact motor speed control. Units incorporate low noise gearing are completely enclosed and sealed against dust. Economical BG Series geared motors set the standard for reliability while providing total mounting flexibility for easy integration.

Bauer Bm & Bg Series Gear Motors