Bauer AsepticDrive Geared Motors For Food Processing & Packaging

January 15, 2014
Food Processing & Packaging Conveyor

A well known European food manufacturer produces almost everything from jam and confectionary products to chocolate. They also manufacture and package private label yogurt, ice cream and other dairy products, as well as cereal bars and bakery products.

Bauer Aseptic geared motors were chosen because they are a combination of an asynchronous motor with a renowned Bauer Series 2000 gearbox. The smooth Bauer aseptic motor housing design eliminates the motor cooling ribs and fan areas where dirt and debris gather and are almost impossible to reach and where cleaning solutions cannot drain off causing so called “dirt traps.”

The design allows thorough cleaning once production has ended. Washdown solutions used in food processing applications incorporate acid or alkali-based cleaning agents which, in combination with disinfectants, ensure that all relevant germs and bacteria are destroyed. The geared motors are equipped with CleanConnect connectors and coated with an special aseptic paint.

Bauer Aseptic Drive