Huco Dynatork Free-Floating Piston Air Motors for Aluminium Foil Tray Stamping

January 20, 2014
Foil Pie Tray

Aluminium foil tray manufacturer Coppice Alupack has systematically replaced all its electric drives with Huco Dynatork air motors used on rewind systems that handle surplus foil after the aluminium coil has been stamped.

The Huco Dynatork air motors have not only simplified the system design but also made it more controllable and safer. Their clean, non-lube running has ensured hygienic production. The air motors run from 0 – 220 rpm for 24 hours a day in a cycle that goes from stall to start sixty times per minute.

“The piston air motors have allowed us to adjust most of the tension out of the system to eliminate lacing breakage,” explained Coppice Alupack engineering manager, James Lamin. “They have also made the process inherently safer by reducing torque and negating the need for any electrical cables.” A further benefit is that maintenance of the motors can now be carried out by a shop-floor technician instead of a skilled electrician, saving cost and minimizing downtime.

Huco Dynatork air motors feature internal pneumatic porting, recessed fasteners, a non-lube air supply and a corrosion-resistant or acetal housing. Unlike its vane counterpart the Huco Dynatork air motor is also easier to seal. It is therefore far more cost efficient as most of the energy stored up in the compressed air is converted into motion. In fact it consumes up to 80% less air than a vane motor providing significant cost saving even at maximum torque.

Huco Air Motor