Bauer Gear Motor BK and BF Series Geared Motors for Asphalt Mixing Plant

February 17, 2014
Asphalt Mixing Plant

A major international asphalt mixing plant OEM required rugged-duty geared motors for use on various applications within their plants. Belt conveyors, mounted under multiple sorting bins, feed various sized aggregate into a large dryer. Additional geared motors drive tiered flights of conveyors inside the dryer drum. A drive is also utilized on a screw conveyor which transfers the hot, dried aggregate to the base of an elevator. Geared motors are used to power the bucket elevator which delivers the aggregate up to a raised batching unit for weighing, separating, and mixing with mineral fillers.

Bauer application engineers provided technical advice during many visits with different customer engineering teams. Ultimately, Bauer geared motors were selected over competitive units due to Bauer’s reputation for high- quality, well-engineered products, responsive delivery times and extensive global sales and service support.

To meet the customer’s various application torque and speed change requirements, as well as space limitations, Bauer BK Series geared motors, size 40 to 90 were supplied for use on the various asphalt conveyors and elevator. Each dryer requires four BF Series gear motors.

Bauer Gear BK & BF Series Geared Motors