Proven Oldham Design, 25% Higher Torque

March 17, 2014
Huco Oldham Couplings

The Oldham lateral offset coupling became central to the Huco Dynatork product programme in the mid ‘80s has been continuously developed since that time. Just introduced are new models that are designed to handle 25% higher torque than their forerunners.

Previously a peak torque rating of 44Nm was the highest available, now it is 55.36Nm and this has been achieved using a specially designed larger diameter disc.

The Oldham is precision engineered throughout and comprises two hubs with inward facing tenons. These engage with matching slots spaced at 90° in a central lightweight torque disc.

Oldham Exploded View

As the coupling rotates, the disc compensates for any parallel shaft offset by sliding the commensurate distance along each tenon in turn. A hard, low friction facing on the working surface guarantees long, trouble-free operation.

Quality of motion is a function of the carefully controlled relationship between the tenons and the torque disc. The disc is precision moulded from high grade engineering polymers and, being easily replaced at low cost, is the sacrificial element in the drive train; radiation and heat resistant torque discs are also available.

If severely overloaded the torque disc will break, acting as a mechanical fuse, thereby protecting associated equipment from damage. A replacement torque disc quickly restores the drive without the need to dismantle the drive system.

Typical applications range from the incremental control of fluid valves to positional systems in machinery, robots and slide tables. They can also be applied to microstepper and closed loop servo systems and, to a lesser extent, half and full step motor drives.