Bauer Gear BF Series Geared Motors For Pharmaceutical Blending Equipment

April 3, 2014
Pharmaceutical Blending Equipment

A leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical blending and material handling equipment utilizes Bauer geared motors on their line of blenders. The machines are designed to meet customer requirements for mixing powder or liquids and are available for either standard tumble or high-speed mixing.

Due to their robust design, Bauer BF Series geared motors were selected to drive the machine’s cantilevered stainless steel mixing tank. Positioned within a stainless steel enclosure, the hollow-shaft geared motors are mounted directly to the trunnion arm.

BF Series gearboxes feature high-tensile, case-hardened steel gearing combined with strong, non- exible pinion shafts and bearings for exact tooth meshing in a vibration-free, high-tensile cast housing. BF geared motors, manufactured by Bauer, are completely enclosed and utilize a 3-piece labyrinth sealing system to protect against oil leakage. Aluminum die-cast motor housings, bearing covers and terminal boxes provide maximum corrosion-resistance. An aluminium die-cast cage rotor ensures high reliability at high starting torques and low starting currents. Standard inverter-duty motors include oversized bearings for longer life. The electrical design of the motor is adapted to the gearbox.

Bauer BK Series bevel geared motors and AsepticDrive geared motors are also utilized on various other pharmaceutical material handling and lifting equipment.

Bauer BF Series Geared Motor