Matrix 7AH-P Series Tooth Clutch for Paper Making Machine Scanner

September 11, 2014
Paper Making Machine Scanner

A leading manufacturer of equipment for the pulp and paper industry required a clutch solution for their new scanning device. The scanner mounts to large paper making machines and provides sheet quality profiles and measurements, including basis weight and moisture content. The scan is performed by an optical beam, housed in a two-part floating bridge which moves across the full width of a paper web as it passes.

When engaged, the clutch transmits torque to both the upper and lower scanner elements, holding them in single-position register to provide synchronized input and output. When maintenance is required, the clutch is disengaged allowing the upper and lower scanner sections to be separated.

Matrix Model 7AH-030P pilot-mount, single position engagement tooth clutches were selected to meet the requirements of this demanding application. The air-operated tooth clutch features a rated torque of 1380 (156 Nm) at 80 psi and a maximum speed of 6,000 rpm. Other features include sealed bearings which require no lubrication and a non-rotating cylinder which allows for simple supply connection.

7AH-P Series clutches provides positive drive with no slip while transmitting no axial thrusts to adjacent components. The unit always re-engages in the same angular position, ensuring drive synchronization. Spring disengagement results in zero drag torque other than the rolling resistance of the pilot-mount bearings.

7AH-P Series Tooth Clutch