Sure-Flex Plus® Couplings for Industrial Mixers

September 2, 2014
Industrial Mixer

As the global market leader in standard and custom fluid agitation equipment, Chemineer has some 60 years experience in the design and manufacture of rotating mixers for a number of industries including petrochemical, pharmaceutical and wastewater treatment. Recognized for producing reliable, heavy-duty mixing equipment, Chemineer has a reputation for designing dependable solutions using the latest technology while ensuring ease of installation and maintenance.

The company is continually striving to improve reliability and performance which is why it has chosen to specify Sure-Flex Plus® couplings from TB Wood’s, part of the Altra Industrial Motion Group, for its newest line of mixers. Mounted between the motor and gearbox, the couplings transmit power efficiently in this variable speed and variable torque application.

In many cases, it may be necessary to clean or repair an impeller or to carry out maintenance on the associated gearbox which requires the motor or impeller to be disconnected. This could be a very protracted affair but, with the benefit of a split design, the Sure-Flex Plus® coupling can be removed quickly and easily, allowing the required maintenance to be performed with less down-time. Ian Fisher, purchasing manager at Chemineer, comments: “The design of the Sure-Flex coupling provides our customers with a reliable, maintenance-free coupling which is easy to install, thanks to the innovative design. It also offers excellent shock loading capability as well as a 4-way flexing action, which can accommodate all types of vibration, misalignment and end-float.”

TB Wood's Sure-Flex Coupling