Bibby Turboflex Modular Torque Limiters for Power Station Furnace Conveyors

October 16, 2014
Power Station Furnace Conveyors

A global conveyor supplier required torque overload protection on screw conveyors used at a power plant in Indonesia. The conveyors move waste material, provided by local suppliers, to and from the facility’s furnaces. The unmonitored material being transferred often contains large pieces of steel and concrete that could cause jams and possibly damage the conveyor’s screw element.

Bibby Modular Torque Limiters, with a torque breakout of 8,990 Nm (6,630 lb.ft.), were positioned between the drive motor and the gearbox to provide protection for the conveyor screws. The OEM’s decision was primarily based on Bibby’s reputation as well as their previous working history of providing reliable solutions. Other key factors in the selection were the ease of on-site breakout torque adjustment and the ability to replace torque limiter modules without the need to remove the coupling from the drivetrain.

The Bibby Modular Torque Limiter has been specifically developed to offer reliable protection on applications such as screw conveyors where there is the potential for jams and blockages within the screw. The units feature a fast manual re-engagement system with accurate release torque repeatability to reduce downtime and extend equipment life.

Bibby Modular Torque Limiters