Custom Pinion Stand Drive for Steel Tube Forming Mill

November 3, 2014
Steel Tube Forming Mill

A major steel mill OEM required a custom gear drive for use on the pinion stand that pulls steel coil through a tube mill which forms the steel prior to seam welding.

The OEM contacted Nuttall Gear based on their previous successful collaborations. Nuttall engineers designed a custom drive that was properly sized to meet the performance requirements while fitting within an extremely tight space limitation.

Driven by a 100 HP motor, the unique reducer consisted of two independent gear trains, with 15" vertical offset center distance, enclosed in one housing. Each train featured a reduction ratio of 46:1, a 1.5 service factor with 1150/2300 RPM input and 25/50 RPM output. The drive also featured through hardened gearing and a fabricated steel housing.

Nuttall was able complete all design, engineering and manufacturing within the customer’s tight approval and delivery timeframes.

Nuttall Gear Custom Pinion Stand Drive