Formsprag's Model FSO Overunning Clutches for Multi-Speed Warehouse Conveyor System

November 7, 2014
Multi-Speed Warehouse Conveyor System

A large packaging operation was experiencing damage to the bottom of cartons on their case packing lines. The damage occurred as the cartons transferred from one conveyor to another conveyor which was moving at a 10 percent slower speed. Productivity was also impacted since the first two rollers of the slower conveyors needed to be replaced every year due to excessive wear. The cost of the rollers and the downtime associated with their replacement needed to be eliminated.

To correct the problem, Formsprag FSO clutches were installed on the multi-speed conveyors that drive in only one direction to provide the non-destructive accommodation of the speed differential in the powered roller drive systems. The FSO clutches allow the slower speed zone to over-speed during the transitional period without back driving the slower drive system. Model FSO 500 clutches were supplied with a torque capacity of 1,175 lb.ft. (1621 Nm).

Formsprag FSO overrunning, ball bearing clutches are oil lubricated and equipped with lip type seals. Units feature PCE sprags with Formchrome® and Formsprag “Free-action” retainers.

Formsprag FSO Overrunning Clutches Size 300-700