Formsprag FSO Overrunning Clutches for Textile Processing Equipment

December 1, 2014
Textile Processing Equipment

A leading textile manufacturer in the Southeastern U.S. required an overrunning clutch for use on equipment being installed for a new production line. The overrunning clutches allow the feed drive to power the rollers at a low speed (5 RPM) when threading the leading edge of a new roll of fabric. When the fabric is fully threaded and ready to be pulled at production speeds, the unit un-clutches the feed drive allowing those same rollers to be rotated at faster speeds (10 RPM) without back driving the lower speed feed drive. The clutch automatically disconnects the lower speed feed drive during higher speed operation and prevents possible damage to the feed drive if back driven at the higher speeds.

Formsprag FSO overrunning, ball bearing clutches were selected for use on multiple drives on the textile production line. Units are oil lubricated and equipped with lip type seals and feature PCE sprags with Formchrome® and Formsprag “Free-action” retainers. Model FSO 600 clutches were supplied with a torque capacity of 2,250 lb.ft. (3060 Nm).

Formsprag FSO Overrunning Clutches Size 300-700