Huco Acetal Air Motor/Speed Reducer for Pouch Filling Machine

February 23, 2015
Pouch Filling Machine

A major manufacturer of precision filling equipment needed a reliable air motor/ speed reducer for use on a new machine. The filling machine features a series of rotary valve pumps that control the flow of stir fry and other sauces during the pouch filling operation. The machine delivers precision-metered quantities, over millions of cycles, in harsh washdown environments.

The combination air motor/speed reducer is mounted over the top of the sauce feeder hopper and drives a stirring shaft which extends into the hopper. A controlled shaft speed is required to ensure proper sauce consistency as it moves through the valve pumps and into the pouch packages.

To meet the OEM’s requirements, Huco Dynatork provided an Acetal Dynatork Planetary 1 combination air motor and speed reducer. The efficient piston air motor uses a reduced amount of compressed air which will provide savings to the end user. Ideal for use in food processing and packaging applications, the Planetary 1 features Acetal construction to withstand washdown solvents and utilizes food grade synthetic grease.

Huco Acetal Air Motor Speed Reducer