Bauer AsepticDrive with PMSMs for Fish Processing Lines

April 6, 2015
Fish Processing Lines

Van der Lee Seafish processes 250 tons of fresh frozen fish every week for shipment to customers worldwide. The company was using a variety of motors on their processing machines and conveyor systems at their facility in Urk, Netherlands. This required their plant maintenance engineers to be knowledgeable about all the different motors as well as stock spare parts for each. The company wanted to standardize the motors on its production lines to use as few models as possible, leading to a more manageable inventory, faster maintenance and less production downtime.

Bauer Gear Motor aseptic permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs) were selected for the facility due to their ability to perform in washdown environments and extreme temperatures, as low as -45 ̊F (-43°C). The Van der Lee team immediately saw the multi-use benefits of the aseptic Bauer geared motors which are ideally suited for food industry applications.

The company chose a motor type with different control areas. “The motors are completely interchangeable. Problems are easily resolved since one motor can be quickly replaced with another,” says Willem Van der Lee, technical director at Van der Lee Seafish.

Bauer AsepticDrive PMSMs are designed to meet the special demands of food processing washdown environments and meet the IE4 efficiency requirement. The motors have smooth surfaces and no cooling fins, corners or holes where bacteria can collect. Food-grade oil is used in the motors and high-pressure cleaning won’t damage the paint coating.

Bauer Gear Motor PMSM AsepticDrive