Recoiler Gearbox and Caliper Brake for Steel Pickling Line

April 27, 2015
Steel Pickling Line Caliper Brake

A large steel recoiler OEM needed a custom gearbox for use on a new steel pickling line recoiler. The drive is direct coupled to a 125 HP electric motor which winds up a 52" wide, 60,000 lb. steel coil after it passes through the pickling treatment line.

The OEM contacted Nuttall Gear due to previous successful drive projects. Nuttall engineers designed a custom gearbox incorporating a customer-supplied low speed shaft that operates a mandrel which expands and contracts to grip and release the coil core.

The gearbox features a custom fabricated steel housing designed in an “L” shape to accommodate required over-sized bearings. The drive utilizes through hardened gearing with a reduction ratio of 15.5:1, a 1.2 service factor, 850/2500 RPM input and 55/160 RPM output.

A Twiflex MX13 spring-applied, pneumatically-released caliper brake was also utilized for parking and holding functionality. The brake is automatically engaged in the event of a power failure. The self-adjusting MX13 brake provides 6.8 kN braking force and features asbestos-free, high-friction pad material.

Nuttall Custom Designed Recoiler Gearbox