Warner Electric Model EM Series Brake with CBC Control for Can Stacking Elevator

August 6, 2015
Stacked Cans

A large manufacturer of steel cans uses a vertical elevator to create layers of cans which are then stretch wrapped for shipment to their food packaging customer. The process allows for layers of cans to be lifted and a new layer formed at the bottom of the stack. The process repeats until a stack, about 10 ft. tall, is formed and then stretch wrapped to maintain the stack integrity during shipment. As the stack of cans builds, the weight being lifted increases with each layer.

A Warner Electric EM 210-20FBB brake, with an integral CBC-160 control, was incorporated to hold the stack in place after each vertical index lift and in case of a power loss. The brake is mounted between a 3-HP 182TC frame motor and custom gearbox on the elevator drivetrain.

The electrically-released EM-FBB brake module has a 56 lb.ft. static torque rating and a maximum speed of 3,600 RPM. Holding torque is provided by powerful ceramic-type permanent magnets. Units automatically compensate for wear and never need adjustment or lubrication. FBB models feature a single armature design and precision cast housings.

At each cycle, when power is applied to the motor to lift, power is also applied to the brake which disengages. When power is removed from the motor, it is also removed from the brake, allowing the brake to engage and securely hold the load in a stationary position.

The Warner Electric CBC-160 control mounts to the cover of the brake module conduit box. The control features a single 90 VDC adjustable output that provides consistent, repeatable brake release.

Warner Electric EM 210-20FBB brake with CBC-160 control