Matrix Small Diameter Permanent Magnet Brakes for Medical/Pharmaceutical Robots

September 24, 2015
Pharmaceutical Robots

Matrix engineers recently developed a new line of permanent magnet brakes (PMB) for use by the servo motor industry. The small diameter brakes are ideally suited for precision pick and place robots utilized in medical laboratories and pharmaceutical manufacturing applications.

The precise movements of these robots require zero backlash to prevent the robotic arms from “bouncing” or “drifting” during precision movements and stops.

The small diameter PMB power-off brakes maintain torque during static/holding operations and during occasional E-stop dynamic/stopping engagements in the event of a power loss. There is no contact when the brakes are disengaged and the units generate no drag torque. The brakes provide long-life, low noise operation. Models are available in various sizes to meet specific servo motor application requirements.

Small Diameter Permanent Magnet Brokes