Twiflex GMR-SD Caliper Brakes for Amusement Ride

October 22, 2015
Amusement Ride

A major amusement park contacted a Canadian ride contractor to ensure the proper operation of its simulator attraction. The project engineers required a low-maintenance, durable braking solution operating with low noise levels that would not interrupt the riders’ experience.

The ride raises 3 rows (pods) of seated passengers, suspending them in front of a large concave theater screen. A film presentation is projected onto the screen which provides the riders with the sensation of gliding over various locations and landmarks. The ride’s structure contains about one million pounds of steel with 37 tons being lifted during each ride cycle.

Twiflex GMR-SD caliper disc brakes were selected for their robust design, ease of maintenance, quiet operation and low air pressure requirement. Multiple brakes are positioned at the top of each seat pod to clamp and hold the pod onto a guide rail during the operation of the ride. Monitoring units indicate the brake status and any need for adjustment.

The spring-applied, air-released GMR-SD models supplied produce 30kN braking force. Each brake assembly, including caliper and actuator, weighs only 54 kg (119 lbs.). The unit’s lightweight, modular design requires significantly less downtime for repairs, maintenance or adjustment.

Twiflex GMR-SD Caliper Brakes