Boston Gear Stainless Steel 700 Series Speed Reducer for Shipboard Fish Processing Plant

October 15, 2015
Shipboard Fish Processing Plant

A leading fish processing equipment manufacturer with customers around the world needed a reliable stainless steel speed reducer solution for use on a new shipboard fish processing plant. The OEM’s customer modified one of its vessels by extending the hull to accommodate an onboard processing plant where freshly caught fish are processed into boneless fillets and quickly moved into freezers for transport. The ability to process the fish onboard increases profits significantly by allowing the ship to discard unused portions of the fish while storing only the premium, market-ready fillets.

A stainless steel conveyor transfers the fish from a 36" dia. descaling drum to a filleting station. Since space is very tight, the conveyor is designed with two levels. Drivetrains consisting of a stainless steel motor and speed reducer power each belt on the conveyor while additional drivetrains power the descaling drum.

Boston Gear Stainless Steel 700 Series speed reducers were selected to provide the corrosion resistance needed to stand up to this challenging washdown application. Units provide smooth operation due to ground worms and a shimmed assembly process that reduces backlash. The SS700 Series, the original “domed crown” reducers, feature a rounded housing design, double-lipped shaft seals and covered hardware to prevent foreign matter adherence and fluid accumulation on or under the units. All models incorporate the trusted Boston Gear 700 Series worm gearing and have been optimized to withstand the harshest conditions. The housings, motor flange, and carrier are crafted from 316SS to endure tough, caustic washdowns while preventing microbial contamination and bacterial growth.

Stainless Steel 700 Series Speed Reducers