Bauer Gear hosts energy efficiency technology forum

December 17, 2015
Bauer Gear Motor ie Motors

Electric motors are estimated to consume 70% of all the energy used in industry. Bearing this in mind, it’s no small wonder that there is an ongoing process of legislation requiring new technologies to adhere to ever higher standards of efficiency. Bauer Gear Motor offers a wide range of energy efficient solutions that meet current IE2, and future IE3 and IE4, regulations; it recently hosted a technology forum to help its customers understand the latest developments in the industry and discuss the best practices for maximising energy efficiency in the drive train.

If you needed further proof that energy efficiency is a top priority for almost every industrial sector, the guest list for Bauer’s recent technology forum should suffice. Customers from the automotive, food & beverage, construction machinery, crane, chemical and logistics industries were all present to learn how the latest technologies can reduce energy consumption and improve the overall cost effectiveness of the production process.

Karl-Peter Simon, President of Bauer Gear Motor, spoke at the forum: “Improving energy efficiency isn’t simply a matter of social responsibility. Approximately 90% of the lifetime costs of an electric motor are associated with energy consumption, so understanding how the newest technologies can cut down on energy use is as important from a business perspective as it is from an environmental one. The purpose of the forum was to answer any questions our customers had about current and future legislation and offer guidance on the advantages of PMSM technology over ASM in certain industrial scenarios.”

Bauer is at the forefront of Permanent Magnetics Synchronous Motor (PMSM) technology, having developed a range of gear motors which are suitable for operation in a range of applications including hazardous and hygiene critical areas. Its PMSM motors have a proven saving of over 30% under partial load when compared to asynchronous technology (even IE3 motors), which can result in significant cost savings in many applications.

Bauer Gear Motor’s engineers are experts at designing a gear motor solution that will offer the greatest energy efficiency and cost effectiveness in any environment. As part of the Altra Industrial Motion network of leading power transmission brands, its engineers are able to provide support specifying the entire drive train with certain knowledge that all components will integrate seamlessly.

The Bauer Technology Forums are an opportunity for customers from any industry worldwide to meet Bauer’s engineers and discuss current trends and developments. Throughout 2016 various events will be held across Europe and in the US with attendance open to all interested parties. For further information on the timetable of future events email [email protected].