Kilian Custom Roller Bearing Assemblies for CNC Cutting Tables

January 11, 2016
CNC Cutting Tables

A leading manufacturer of CNC burn tables needed a more cost-effective replacement bearing solution for its line of plasma, router, engraver, waterjet and torch cutting tables. Each table utilizes four roller bearings that allow the computer- controlled, multi-axis cutting head to smoothly move throughout its programmed path over the material being cut.

The OEM had been using an expensive, over-engineered precision cam follower ball bearing. After reviewing the application requirements with the OEM engineers, the Kilian team developed a custom, double-row ball bearing 1-in. O.D. cam follower with an integral standard stud.

The low-load, low-speed assembly offered by Kilian was more economical than the competitor bearings previously used by the customer.

Custom Roller Bearing Assemblies