Warner Linear Modified B-Track K2x Actuator for Folding Combine Auger

January 25, 2016
Folding Combine Auger

A leading agriculture OEM needed a reliable electric actuator for use on their new folding combine augers. Augers can range in size up to 28 ft. long which allows for easy on-the-go unloading to adjacent wagons and trucks. However, the long augers can be damaged from excessive bouncing during transport. They also pose a challenge when storing the combine in tight spaces. To solve these problems a folding auger design was developed that reduced the length of the auger by approximately five feet.

An electric actuator is mounted to the combine’s auger chute that allows the operator to fold and unfold the auger as needed while sitting in the cab. Modified Warner Linear K2x actuators were selected by the OEM to meet the challenging specification requirements.

The K2x models supplied feature a special brake option for improved holding capacity in this tough-duty application. Units also feature a heavywall extension tube for added strength and ball bearings instead of thrust bearings for more load capacity. A high-strength aluminum gearbox provides maximum heat dissipation.

All K2x units feature a patented in-line load transfer, a Nitrotec® treated end fitting with integral O-ring seals for superior weather and corrosion resistance, a standard bidirectional holding brake, and a heavy-duty sealed, double ball bearing motor.

Warner Linear Modified B Track K2x Actuator