Warner Linear B-Track K2x Electric Actuator for Adjustable Combine Chute Spout

March 14, 2016
Combine Chute Spout

A major global manufacturer of agriculture equipment required a rugged electric actuator solution for use on their line of combines. The actuator is mounted to the combine’s auger chute and lets the operator pivot the auger spout while grain is being unloaded. Instead of moving the combine, the operator can simply adjust the position of the spout, while sitting in the cab. This allows the grain flow to be accurately directed for even distribution inside a wagon or truck.

Rugged-duty Warner Linear K2x actuators were selected by the OEM to meet the tough application requirements. K2x models feature a heavywall extension tube with a 30% stronger cross section compared to competitive products. Ball bearings are utilized instead of thrust bearings to provide more load capacity. A high-strength aluminum gearbox provides maximum heat dissipation and high-strength stainless thru-bolt fasteners provide high load capability.

All K2x units also feature a patented in-line load transfer, a Nitrotec® treated end fitting with integral O-ring seals for superior weather and corrosion resistance, a standard bidirectional holding brake, and a heavy-duty sealed, double ball bearing motor.

Durable K2x actuators are ideal for this application since they are designed for reliable performance in dusty or wet conditions, with a temperature range of -20° F to +150° F (-29º C to +65º C).

Warner Linear K2x Linear Actuator