Kilian Custom Bearing Assemblies for Overhead Laundry Conveyor Systems

April 14, 2016
Overhead Laundry Conveyor System

A leading laundry machinery manufacturer was looking for a quiet replacement bearing assembly solution for its large laundry overhead conveyor systems used by commercial laundries, casinos and uniform/garment suppliers. The system transports heavy bags of incoming soiled laundry along with outgoing clean and pressed laundry on hangers.

The conveyor system utilized steel bearing assemblies that rode along suspended steel tubular tracks. The steel-on-steel design created extreme levels of noise when the large, multi-level conveyor was operating.

Kilian worked closely with the OEM while reviewing the unique application challenges. Ultimately, Kilian engineers developed a custom bearing assembly with an integral shaft for easy installation onto the trolley bracket.

The assembly featured 6201 steel precision bearings over molded with sound dampening black Nylon 66. The Nylon material significantly reduced noise levels as the over molded bearings rode smoothly on the steel tracks.

Kilian Bearing Assemblies for Overhead Conveyor