Guardian Modified Gear Grip Couplings for HVAC Cooling Blowers

April 21, 2016
HVAC Cooling Blowers

A large hospital in Phoenix, Arizona needed a replacement couplings for their HVAC cooling blowers. The relatively long couplings, positioned between the electric motor and the squirrel cage blower assembly, were prematurely failing due to excessive vibration. These repeated failures caused sporadic periods of unacceptable discomfort for patients, staff and visitors.

The blower OEM looked to Guardian for a reliable coupling solution. To meet the non-standard coupling length requirements, Guardian engineers developed a modified 12.5" (317 mm) long Gear Grip coupling. The new coupling features a reinforced Neoprene rubber sleeve compound which provides excellent torsional vibration dampening, absorbs load pulsations and minimizes drivetrain shock. Due to the extended length, the coupling was reinforced with 2.5" (63 mm) aluminum tubing for added strength. The coupling has a maximum torque capacity of 4,700 in.lbs. (531 Nm) and a maximum speed rating of 5,600 RPM.

Guardian Gear Grip 3-piece couplings feature non-corrosive metal ends and rubber compound (Neoprene or Urethane) sleeves that are not affected by moisture, dirt and abrasives. The units require no lubrication and there is no metal-to-metal contact even when coupling shears. “By-eye” alignment eliminates precise measurement, minimizes assembly time and allows for “blind” assembly.

Modified Gear Grip Couplings