Svendborg BSFI 320 Braking System with SOBO® iQ for Coal Mine Conveyor

June 27, 2016
Coal Mine Conveyor with SOBO iQ Brake

Svendborg supplied a complete braking system for use on an overland conveyor at a large coal mine in Tusimice, Czech Republic. The 1800 mm (72 in.) belt conveyor is 900 m (2,952 ft.) long and powered by 3 x 500 kW drives.

The opencast coal mine conveyor transports overburden at a rate of 3,000 mt/h with a belt speed of 4.5 m/s. The braking system, consisting of BSFI 320 dual-spring caliper disc brakes, a SOBO® iQ controller and SOBO iQ hydraulic power units, provides emergency stopping and parking functions.

The spring-applied, hydraulically-released BSFI 320 brakes act on a 0.8 m (31.5 in.) diameter disc mounted on the high-speed side of the drive. Braking time is fully programmable and, in case of power failure, can reach up to 50 seconds.

SOBO iQ, the next generation of Svendborg’s industry-leading SOBO (Soft Braking Option) braking controller combines various cutting-edge technologies to provide significant flexibility, safety and durability on mine conveyors. The controller features three-state digital modulation and a revolutionary dual-loop PI control (pressure/speed). The pressure control is based not only on speed but also on deceleration. SOBO iQ controls braking torque by comparing a preset speed ramp with actual conveyor speed feedback. Advanced functions including independent overspeed monitoring, rollback, gearbox and out-of-band monitoring are included.

Manufactured in-house, Svendborg’s specialized hydraulic power units are engineered to perform in tough mining applications. The units are equipped to monitor oil level and temperature, motor and pump function, and operational pressure.

Svendborg BSFI 320 Braking System with SOBO iQ