Huco Dynatork Oldham Couplings for Forklift Steering Columns

June 16, 2016
Forklift Steering Columns

A leading European manufacturer of forklifts experienced coupling failures in the steering columns of some of its products. Due to the speed and tight cornering requirements of many forklifts, the steering column coupling is often exposed to high loads and sudden changes of directional force. Using lower quality components can quickly lead to a failure which, in turn, leads to a steering failure in the forklift. In a busy environment, the associated forklift maintenance and downtime costs can be extremely high.

In a competitive market, this type of failure can be very damaging, so the forklift OEM approached European Transmission Co. (ETC), a power transmission component distributor in the Netherlands for a solution. As a supply partner for Huco Dynatork, ETC knew that Huco’s Oldham style couplings would answer all of the manufacturer’s needs. Extensive testing was carried out on the recommended couplings, which confirmed that they met the performance requirements of the application.

As a leading manufacturer of precision couplings, Huco Dynatork is renowned for its Oldham style line. The Oldham style design transmits torque through a central disc that slides over the tenons on the hubs under controlled preload conditions. This eliminates backlash and protects against shock loading – which is perfect for steering applications. Reliable Huco Oldham style couplings are manufactured using high quality materials with strict in-house testing and monitoring.

Product availability was also an important criteria for this application. Because of its production volumes, the manufacturer required a fast turnaround on orders. Huco operates an efficient, lean manufacturing system, which allows it to work with ETC to ensure that a suitable stock is always available from ETC’s warehouse. The OEM is very satisfied with the performance of the couplings, which have been specified for its next generation forklift, and are now the standard replacement coupling for existing units in service.

Huco Oldham Couplings